Pablo Cazorla
I‘m illustrator, web designer and graphic artist

What I do


Digital painting, fantasy illustration, concept art, matte-painting, traditional media art (oils, watercolors), books, games, logos, icons.


Web design and UX improvement, UI development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript), mobile design, e-commerce, infographics, identity and branding


Conceptual, fantastic, literary, realistic, functional, games...


UI/UX, web, infographics, applications...


Ideas, resources, news, tutoriales, discussion...


Cazu Brush Collection v3 for Krita

In this version, reduced to the brushes I used frequently.


Roller Derby Girl Tutorial

Digital illustration created with Krita. This screencast shows a complete paint process, since first […]


Sketchio Practice

This application is designed in order that you can practice your quick-sketching skills on particular topics with limited time.

I’m digital artist, illustrator, and webdesigner.

I love fantasy illustration, concept art, movies, web apps, 3D animation and everything about the world of the image.

I live and work as a professional freelance in Mendoza, Argentina.

Get in touch!

Please send me a message via email if you have any questions, idea, or comment for me.