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Cazu Brush Collection v3 for Krita

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After a long long time using my brushes in Krita, I wanted to edit a new smaller version of my collection, focusing only on those brushes who actually I use, and leaving aside those who have rarely integrated into my workflow.


What brushes really use?

In general painters and illustrators, and particularly digital 2D artists, usually use a minimum number of tools to work (despite having hundreds of resources). In my case, I use assiduously no more than 3 or 4 brushes almost all the time, and only use other brushes just for final details , textures, etc.

In a very rough way (in spanish language we use the term “ojímetro”, something like “via eye meter”) I would say these are the percentage of use time for each brush in Krita:


So based on this precept, I decided to create this new “reduced” version of the brushes that are a fundamental part of my work.

Previous version, more complete

Of course, if you need a more complete version of this collection, please look the Cazu Brush Collection v2 for Krita.


– New classification

The brushes are now grouped according to usage into 5 types: Draw, Paint, Blender, FX and Texture.

– Without “Erasers”

This is not new in this collection, but it’s worth noting that all brushes are potential Erasers in Krita, by pressing E key.

– New “Flat” icons

The icons have been simplified for better readability. All credits for The Noun Project.

Icons for a quick glance


The groups



Curve, Detailed, Ink Calligraphic, Ink Pen, Mask, Mask Vector, Pencil, Sketch Speedpainting.



Airbrush, Basic Dry, Basic Wet, Basic Wet Soft, Mop, Oil, Oil Soft, Pastel, Watercolor Drops, Watercolor Spotted 1, Watercolor Spotted 2, Watercolor Stroke.



Noisy, Soft, Oil.



Clone, Distort Grow, Distort Move, Distort Shrink.



Cells, Clouds, Flora Arbust Spray, Flora Cactus, Flora Ivy, Flora Leaves, Flora Spines, Hair, Hair Soft, Light Flare, Light Magic, Light Shine, Light Sparks, Light Starfields, Skin Freckles, Skin Pores, Skin Reptile, Skin Rhino, Skin Snake, Smear Clouds,Smear Concrete, Smear Dirty, Smear Ink, Smear Structure.


The project in Github:

Download Cazu Brush Collection v3 for Krita
Licence CC BY-SA 3.0


The zip packages contains 3 folders:

  • brushes
  • paintoppresets
  • patterns

For Windows

Windows XP to 10: Unzip the folders here: C:\users\USERNAME\Appdata\Roaming\krita\share\apps\krita\

For Linux

Unzip the folders here: /home/USERNAME/.kde/share/apps/krita/
If the folders already exist, just merge with the old folders.

To uninstall, just erase the folders (or the .kpp files in the paintoppresets folder).

Start using

That’s all. Just restart Krita, and you would see the brushes in the brush presets docker.

If you have some question, please, ask me. Thanks 🙂


  • Carlos Angulo says:

    Muchisimas gracias! son geniales!

  • Niklas says:

    Really love ur brushes, thanks alot for sharing them! Also I really like the fact that u reduced them in this version, the old one was a little messy (still better then 90% of other brush sets)!

  • Stephany says:

    Thank you so much for the set! I love how streamlined it is, and minimalism in the icons makes it all very eye-catching. And of course the brushes themselves are lovely, I can’t wait to use them 😀
    Just a note: In the Windows locations, you have to use backslash [\], not forward slash [/], or it won’t be recognized.

  • Mika says:

    If I have Krita 3.0 how do i get these to work? I’ve restarted my krita a good 3 or 4 times now trying different steps like merging the folders or simply just putting the folders in the same space as the original krita paintbrushes.

  • anon says:

    It’s a good idea to convert them to a bundle. Use this script

  • Michel Montenegro says:

    File “bundle” not exist?

  • Ravi says:

    Hey Pablo, thank you so much for these brushes. Would love to try them, but I´m trying to find the download link to the brushes and all I can see is on github the folder lists each brush separately as mostly .gbr or .gih files, but I´m not sure how to install these brushes separately or whether all your brushes are in that list… apologies for my poor knowledge on installing krita brushes, hope the explanation and/or workaround for this is easy? Many thanks again,


  • Besto says:

    Guys, those folders still work in krita 3.x, you just need to download the folders from the github project, then merge them with the krita folders. Settings>Manage resources>Open resource folder. Copy downloaded folders, paste them in the resource folders, restart Krita. You can also use Import brushes/patterns/presets and import the content of the folders individually from the resource manager.

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