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Witch of Nature – Speedpaint process

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Digital illustration created with Krita. This screencast shows a complete paint process, since first sketch to end effects.

Witch of Nature” is a free and personal illustration.

Thanks for watching. 🙂


  • Adam says:

    Can you tell me how to divide Krita screen into two parts? Or how to open two images in the same time?

    • pablocazorla says:

      Hi Adam,
      I use just one krita document… with some images for reference.
      To use an image as reference, just go to menu Settings > Dockers > Reference Image. A new docker appears; you can load some images here to use.

  • abdulla says:


  • Marcelo says:


    Thanks for the brushes. I would like to suggest improve the highlight that shows when a brush is selected. I go crazy everytime i watch a krita video and I dont know which brush the teacher did select.

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