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How to save custom gradients in KRITA

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Hi Krita users. I will talk about a common issue related to gradients.

In Krita you can use default gradients as you want; also you can create your custom gradient. But, at least until 2.8.x version, you can’t save your custom gradient.

Why? Via the app interface, it doesn’t appear a way to save your custom gradients (I repeat, until 2.8.x version). This could be a big problem if you often use gradients on your work (example, for comic or manga illustration).

gradients In Krita


So, is there a way to resolve the dificulty?… Well, yes. I found a way, via a old friend: GIMP.


Gimp uses .ggr format for his gradients, 100% compatible with Krita. In did, most of default gradients in Krita are in .ggr format.

A ggr gradient is just a text file, like this:

GIMP Gradient
Name: MyCustomGradient
0.000000 0.250000 0.648562 0.000000 0.667437 1.000000 1.000000 0.877778 0.959353 1.000000 1.000000 1 0 0 0
0.648562 0.776358 1.000000 0.135760 0.658405 0.983276 1.000000 0.182233 0.956926 1.000000 1.000000 0 0 0 0

(For advanced users, there are aexplanation of the ggr format below on this post.)

So, what’s the idea? To create your gradients in Gimp and save later for Krita.

Create and save your gradients

  • Open Gimp.
  • Open the dockable dialogs: Menu > Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Gradients and Gradient Editor.
  • Create, edit and save your custom gradient.



Copy to your Krita presets

The new gradient is saved in your personal gimp folder, under gradients:

On Windows: C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/.gimp-2.x/gradients
On Linux: /Home/YOURUSERNAME/.gimp-2.x/gradients

Just copy the .ggr file and paste in your personal krita folder, under gradients:

On Windows: C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/Roaming/.kde/share/apps/krita/gradients
On Linux: /Home/YOURUSERNAME/.kde/share/apps/krita/gradients

Close and reopen Krita. You will see your new custom gradient.

That’s all! Enjoy! 🙂

For advanced users

If you want, you could create or edit your gradient via text editor. Here some explanation:


Also, for more information, start reading this documentation.

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