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Mermaid: work in progress and details

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I want to tell you in this post some details, step by step and how I worked on Mermaid, a conceptual illustration created with Krita.

All the process could be explained on three parts: preparation, work in progress and details.


1- My tools

I painted “Mermaid” with Krita v2.72 in Ubuntu 13.10. I used to paint with Krita for Windows, but the huge amount of bugs, crashes and poor performance led to prefer to work in Ubuntu. As for hardware, I used a Intel I3 with 8GB RAM and NVIDIA GT-610 videocard. Also, I used a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.

2- Get inspiration

From the beginning, my idea was to create a creature that resembled a mermaid, but away from the traditional “humanoid” image of the legends; I figured something close to a marine mollusk or an octopus rather than a friendly human being.

Then with the sketch already defined, I thought that instead of a sea creature could be a flying creature. So I started painting a sky clouds background where the mermaid was flying.

But I found a problem:  for compositional reasons a complex background of clouds could to attract the eye attention than the figure of the mermaid. So, I decided for a more traditional scenario for a mermaid: the deep sea. 🙂

3- References

I used som photos of sea creatures for reference:


Some images references

The idea was to capture the real texture and consistence of the marine creatures.

 Work in progress

1- Step by step

In the next animation, you can see every transformation, from start to finish:

2- Brushes used.

All brushes used belong to Cazu Brush Collection for Krita v1, and some brushes from v2 (in preparation):

Brushes used for "Mermaid"

Brushes used for “Mermaid”


Some items to look closely:

Head and neck

Head and neck

The left hand

The left hand

The tail

The tail

The back and left shoulder

The back and left shoulder


  • Ramon miranda says:

    Escalorfriante bicho que si me sale bañandome me muero ahi mismo. muy detallado el proceso. Así da gusto leer entradas (cuando hay tiempo).

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