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Mischief, the infinite painting app

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The painting app market is a place where you could find all kind of options: online apps, some with focus on traditional painting or photo retouching, vectorial, icon creating, free or pay options, etc. It’s a fullest market, so it’s difficult to find something really newer, some app with a different approach… or not.

Mermaid - created with Mischief

Mermaid – created with Mischief

Mischief is a painting app without so many options, brushes, tools, etc., and on first look it’s not different from Krita or Photoshop. But Mischief close a revolutionary concept: infinite responsiveness.

Infinite zoom

When you paint on Mischief, you can forget things like resolution, pixel measuring, etc. It’s an infinite canvas with an infinite resolution, no matter how much zoom could you make: you never would see any pixelation or blur.

In did, it’s a vectorial app that uses Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields (ADFs). Mischief’s maker explain this: ADFs are a new digital representation of shape which provide numerous advantages including high quality anti-aliasing, very fast rendering, support for massive parallelism, very small file sizes, and the ability to succinctly represent variable-width, scalable, textured strokes.

Next video shows how it works:

Try the app

You can download a free 15-days trial of Mischief for Windows or Mac (for Linux could work with Wine).

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